IPolylineAnnotation Interface
Defines Polyline annotation properties

Namespace: GroupDocs.Annotation.Models.AnnotationModels.Interfaces.Annotations
Assembly: GroupDocs.Annotation (in GroupDocs.Annotation.dll) Version: (22.4)
public interface IPolylineAnnotation : IBox, 
	IOpacity, IPenColor, IPenStyle, IPenWidth, ISvgPath

The IPolylineAnnotation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBox
Gets or sets annotation position
(Inherited from IBox.)
Public propertyOpacity
Gets or sets annotation opacity
(Inherited from IOpacity.)
Public propertyPenColor
Gets or sets annotation pen color
(Inherited from IPenColor.)
Public propertyPenStyle
Gets or sets annotation pen style
(Inherited from IPenStyle.)
Public propertyPenWidth
Gets or sets annotation pen width
(Inherited from IPenWidth.)
Public propertySvgPath
Gets or sets annotation svg path coordinates array
(Inherited from ISvgPath.)
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