JsonDataLoadOptionsExactDateTimeParseFormat Property

Gets or sets an exact format for parsing JSON date-time values while loading JSON. The default is null.

Namespace:  GroupDocs.Assembly.Data
Assembly:  GroupDocs.Assembly (in GroupDocs.Assembly.dll) Version: 21.9
public string ExactDateTimeParseFormat { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: String

Strings encoded using Microsoft® JSON date-time format (for example, "/Date(1224043200000)/") are always recognized as date-time values regardless of a value of this property. The property defines additional formats to be used while parsing date-time values from strings in the following way:

  • When ExactDateTimeParseFormat is null, the ISO-8601 format and all date-time formats supported for the current, English USA, and English New Zealand cultures are used additionally in the mentioned order.
  • When ExactDateTimeParseFormat is a non-empty string, it is used as a single additional date-time format utilizing the current culture.
  • When ExactDateTimeParseFormat is an empty string, no additional date-time formats are used.
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