DocumentAssemblerAssembleDocument Method (String, String, LoadSaveOptions, DataSourceInfo)

Loads a template document from the specified source path, populates the template document with data from the specified single or multiple sources, and stores the result document to the target path using the given LoadSaveOptions.

Namespace:  GroupDocs.Assembly
Assembly:  GroupDocs.Assembly (in GroupDocs.Assembly.dll) Version: 22.2
public bool AssembleDocument(
	string sourcePath,
	string targetPath,
	LoadSaveOptions loadSaveOptions,
	params DataSourceInfo[] dataSourceInfos


Type: SystemString
The path to a template document to be populated with data.
Type: SystemString
The path to a result document.
Type: GroupDocs.AssemblyLoadSaveOptions
Specifies additional options for document loading and saving.
Type: GroupDocs.AssemblyDataSourceInfo
Provides information on data source objects to be used.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
A flag indicating whether parsing of the template document was successful. The returned flag makes sense only if a value of the Options property includes the InlineErrorMessages option.
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