CompareOptions Class
Allows to set different compare options.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Comparison.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Comparison (in GroupDocs.Comparison.dll) Version: (22.8)
public class CompareOptions

The CompareOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodCompareOptions
Initializes a new instance of the CompareOptions class.
Public propertyCalculateCoordinates
Indicates whether to calculate coordinates for changed components.
Public propertyChangedItemStyle
Describes style for changed components.
Public propertyCompareBookmarks
Control to turn on comparison of bookmarks in Word format.
Public propertyCompareDocumentProperty
Control to turn on comparison of built and custom properties in Word format.
Public propertyCompareVariableProperty
Control to turn on comparison of variables properties in Word format.
Public propertyDeletedItemStyle
Describes style for deleted components.
Public propertyDetalisationLevel
Gets or sets the comparison detail level.
Public propertyDetectStyleChanges
Indicates whether to detect style changes or not.
Public propertyDiagramMasterSetting
Gets or sets the path value for master or use compare without path of master. This option only for Diagram.
Public propertyExtendedSummaryPage
Indicates whether to add extended file comparison information to the summary page or not.
Public propertyGenerateSummaryPage
Indicates whether to add summary page with detected changes statistics to resultant document or not.
Public propertyHeaderFootersComparison
Control to turn on comparison of header/footer contents.
Public propertyInsertedItemStyle
Describes style for inserted components.
Public propertyLeaveGaps
Indicates whether to display empty lines instead of inserted / deleted components in the final document or not (used with ShowInsertedContent or ShowDeletedContent properties).
Public propertyMarkChangedContent
Indicates whether to use frames for shapes in Word Processing and for rectangles in Image documents.
Public propertyMarkNestedContent
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to mark the children of the deleted or inserted element as deleted or inserted.
Public propertyOriginalSize
Get or sets the original sizes of compared documents.
Public propertyPaperSize
Gets or sets the result document paper size.
Public propertyPasswordSaveOption
Gets or sets the password save option.
Public propertySensitivityOfComparison
Gets or sets a sensitivity of comparison.
Public propertyShowDeletedContent
Indicates whether to show deleted components in resultant document or not.
Public propertyShowInsertedContent
Indicates whether to show inserted components in resultant document or not.
Public propertyShowOnlySummaryPage
Indicates whether to leave in the resulting document only a page with statistics of detected changes in the resulting document or not.
Public propertyShowRevisions
Indicates whether to display others revisions in the resulting document or not.
Public propertyWordsSeparatorChars
Gets or sets an array of delimiters to split text into words.
Public propertyWordTrackChanges
Control to turn on comparison of Words Track Revisions.
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