StyleSettings Class
Style settings
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Namespace: GroupDocs.Comparison.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Comparison (in GroupDocs.Comparison.dll) Version: (22.4)
public class StyleSettings

The StyleSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodStyleSettings
Initializes a new instance of the StyleSettings class.
Public propertyEndStringSeparator
Gets or sets the end separator string.
Public propertyFontColor
Gets or sets the font color.
Public propertyHighlightColor
Gets or sets the highlight color.
Public propertyIsBold
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this is bold.
Public propertyIsItalic
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this is italic
Public propertyIsStrikethrough
Gets or sets a value indicating whether strike through
Public propertyIsUnderline
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this is underline
Public propertyOriginalSize
Get or sets the original sizes of comparing documents
Public propertyStartStringSeparator
Gets or sets the begin separator string.
Public propertyWordsSeparators
Gets or sets the words separator chars.
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