Class PdfOptions.PdfFormatType

  • java.lang.Object
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    public static final class PdfOptions.PdfFormatType

    Defines an pdf format types.

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      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int Default
      Format will not be changed
      static int PdfA_1A
      Pdf/A-1a formats
      static int PdfA_1B
      Pdf/A-1b format
      static int PdfA_2A
      Pdf/A-2a format
      static int PdfA_2B
      Pdf/A-2b format
      static int PdfA_2U
      Pdf/A-2u format
      static int PdfA_3A
      Pdf/A-3a format
      static int PdfA_3B
      Pdf/A-3b format
      static int PdfA_3U
      Pdf/A-3u format
      static int PdfX_1A
      PDF/X-1a format
      static int PdfX3
      PDF/X-3 format
      static int v1_3
      Adobe version 1.7
      static int v1_4
      Adobe version 1.4
      static int v1_5
      Adobe version 1.5
      static int v1_6
      Adobe version 1.6
      static int v1_7
      Adobe version 1.7
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