Class PsdOptions

  • public final class PsdOptions
    extends Object

    Options for converting to Psd file type.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PsdOptions

        public PsdOptions()

        Initializes new instance of PsdOptions class.

    • Method Detail

      • getChannelBitsCount

        public final short getChannelBitsCount()

        Bits count per color channel.

      • setChannelBitsCount

        public final void setChannelBitsCount(short value)

        Bits count per color channel.

      • getChannelsCount

        public final short getChannelsCount()

        Color channels count.

      • setChannelsCount

        public final void setChannelsCount(short value)

        Color channels count.

      • getColorMode

        public final PsdColorModes getColorMode()

        Psd color mode.

      • setColorMode

        public final void setColorMode(PsdColorModes value)

        Psd color mode.

      • setCompression

        public final void setCompression(PsdCompressionMethods value)

        Psd compression method.

      • getVersion

        public final int getVersion()

        Psd file version.

      • setVersion

        public final void setVersion(int value)

        Psd file version.