MarkupConvertOptions Properties

The MarkupConvertOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFixedLayout
If true fixed layout will be used e.g. absolutely positioned html elements Default: true
Public propertyFixedLayoutShowBorders
Show page borders when converting to fixed layout. Default is True.
Public propertyFormat
The desired file type the input document should be converted to.
(Inherited from ConvertOptionsTFileType.)
Public propertyPageNumber
The page number to start conversion from.
(Inherited from CommonConvertOptionsTFileType.)
Public propertyPages
The list of page indexes to be converted. Should be specified to convert specific pages.
(Inherited from CommonConvertOptionsTFileType.)
Public propertyPagesCount
Number of pages to convert starting from PageNumber.
(Inherited from CommonConvertOptionsTFileType.)
Public propertyUsePdf
If true, the input firstly is converted to PDF and after that to desired format
Public propertyWatermark
Watermark specific options
(Inherited from CommonConvertOptionsTFileType.)
Public propertyZoom
Specifies the zoom level in percentage. Default is 100.
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