Class PdfCompliance

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.groupdocs.editor.options.PdfCompliance

  • public final class PdfCompliance

    Specifies the PDF standards compliance level

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      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int Pdf15
      PDF 1.5 standard
      static int Pdf17
      PDF 1.7 standard
      static int PdfA1a
      PDF/A-1a standard.
      static int PdfA1b
      PDF/A-1b standard.
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      • PdfA1a

        public static final int PdfA1a

        PDF/A-1a standard. This level includes all the requirements of PDF/A-1b and additionally requires that document structure be included (also known as being "tagged"), with the objective of ensuring that document content can be searched and repurposed.

        Note that exporting the document structure significantly increases the memory consumption, especially for the large documents.
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      • PdfA1b

        public static final int PdfA1b

        PDF/A-1b standard. PDF/A-1b has the objective of ensuring reliable reproduction of the visual appearance of the document.

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