EditorEdit Method (IEditOptions)
Opens a previously loaded document for editing using specified format-specific options by generating and returning an instance of 'EditableDocument' class, that, in turn, contains methods for producing HTML markup and associated resources.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version:
public EditableDocument Edit(
	IEditOptions editOptions


Type: GroupDocs.Editor.OptionsIEditOptions
Format-specific document options, which allows to tune-up conversion process. May be NULL — in that case GroupDocs.Editor detects a format of previously loaded document and applies options, default for this format. Should not conflict with previously applied load options.

Return Value

Type: EditableDocument
Instance of the 'EditableDocument' class, which encapsulates overall input document with all its resources in intermediate format. This method, if successfully finished, never returns NULL.
When input original document is loaded to the 'Editor' instance through the constructor, this method allows to open document for editing by converting it to intermediate format, which is encapsulated within instance of 'EditableDocument' class. 'EditableDocument', returned from this method, contains all necessary methods and properties for producing HTML markup and corresponding resources (like images, fonts and stylesheets) in all necessary configurations for subsequent passing them into any WYSIWYG HTML-editor. This overload obtains edit options, which are specific for family formats. Learn more
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