EditorSave Method (EditableDocument, String, ISaveOptions)
Converts specified edited document, represented as instance of 'EditableDocument', to the resultant document of specified format and saves its content to file by specified file path

Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version:
public void Save(
	EditableDocument inputDocument,
	string filePath,
	ISaveOptions saveOptions


Type: GroupDocs.EditorEditableDocument
Version of the input document, that was edited in WYSIWYG HTML-editor and is stored as instance of 'EditableDocument' class, which should be converted to output document of some specific format. Must not be null or disposed.
Type: SystemString
Path to the file, in which the output document will be saved. It file with the same name exists, it will be completely rewritten. String with path must not be null, empty or contain only whitespaces.
Type: GroupDocs.Editor.OptionsISaveOptions
Document saving options, which define the format of the resultant document, and also general and format-specific saving options. Must not be null.
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