IImageResource Interface
Represents image resource of any type, raster or vector

Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources.Images
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version:
public interface IImageResource : IHtmlResource, 
	IAuxDisposable, IImage

The IImageResource type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAspectRatio
In implementing type should return an aspect ratio of particular image regardless of its type. Both vector and raster images have intrinsic aspect ratio between its width and height.
Public propertyByteContent
Content of the HTML resource in a form of a byte stream
(Inherited from IHtmlResource.)
Public propertyFilenameWithExtension
Correct filename of the specified resource with appropriate file extension
(Inherited from IHtmlResource.)
Public propertyIsDisposed
Determines whether a resource is closed (true) or not (false)
(Inherited from IAuxDisposable.)
Public propertyLinearDimensions
In implementing type should return linear dimensions of the image. For raster images they are intrinsic dimensions in pixels. Vector images, in counterpart, have no fixed dimensions, but their metadata can contain some basic dimensions in different measurement units.
Public propertyName
Name of the HTML resource
(Inherited from IHtmlResource.)
Public propertyTextContent
Content of the HTML resource in a form of a base64-encoded text string for binary resources or a simple text for textual resources
(Inherited from IHtmlResource.)
Public propertyType
In implementing type should return a type of specific image as an instance of specific ImageType, which encapsulates all type-specific info
Public methodSave
Saves a current resource to the specified file
(Inherited from IHtmlResource.)
Public eventDisposed
Occurs when object is disposed
(Inherited from IAuxDisposable.)
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