IHtmlResource Interface
Represents one instance of the unknown HTML resource (raster or vector image, stylesheet, font, text resource (CSS, XML), audio etc.)

Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor.HtmlCss.Resources
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version:
public interface IHtmlResource : IAuxDisposable

The IHtmlResource type exposes the following members.

Public propertyByteContent
Content of the HTML resource in a form of a byte stream
Public propertyFilenameWithExtension
Correct filename of the specified resource with appropriate file extension
Public propertyIsDisposed
Determines whether a resource is closed (true) or not (false)
(Inherited from IAuxDisposable.)
Public propertyName
Name of the HTML resource
Public propertyTextContent
Content of the HTML resource in a form of a base64-encoded text string for binary resources or a simple text for textual resources
Public propertyType
Type of the HTML resource
Public methodSave
Saves a current resource to the specified file
Public eventDisposed
Occurs when object is disposed
(Inherited from IAuxDisposable.)
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