PdfSaveOptions Class
Allows to specify custom options for generating and saving PDF (Portable Document Format) documents
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Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version:
public sealed class PdfSaveOptions : ISaveOptions

The PdfSaveOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodPdfSaveOptions
Initializes a new instance of the PdfSaveOptions class
Public propertyCompliance
Specifies the PDF standards compliance level for output documents. Default is PdfCompliance.Pdf15.
Public propertyEnablePagination
Allows to enable or disable pagination which will be used for saving the PDF document. The value of this option should match (be equal) the same option 'EnablePagination' in WordProcessingEditOptions class. By default is disabled.
Public propertyPassword
Password, which will be applied to the generated PDF document as user password, required for opening. If NULL or empty, no password will be applied to the document. Otherwise, document will be encrypted with RC4 (key length of 128 bit). By default is NULL — password is not applied.
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