EditableDocumentFromMarkupAndResourceFolder Method
Static factory, that creates an instance of EditableDocument from a specified HTML markup and from resources, located in the folder, specified by the full path

Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version:
public static EditableDocument FromMarkupAndResourceFolder(
	string newHtmlContent,
	string resourceFolderPath


Type: SystemString
String, that contains raw HTML markup, that should be parsed. Cannot be NULL, empty or invalid.
Type: SystemString
Mandatory path to the folder with resources. All stylesheets, which are located in this folder, will be used. Cannot be NULL or empty string, and this folder should exists.

Return Value

Type: EditableDocument
New non-null instance of EditableDocument
This static factory is useful when content of HTML document is presented as a string, but all resources are located in some folder, and often links to these resources in HTML markup are invalid and absent. When invoking this method, it scans specified folder and automatically applies all found stylesheets to the document. This method is very useful when obtaining content from different HTML editors, which usually cut off the document metadata and so on.
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