Class AnnotationType

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.groupdocs.annotation.domain.AnnotationType

  • public final class AnnotationType

    The annotation type.

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      static byte Area
      The area
      static byte Arrow
      The arrow
      static byte Distance
      The distance
      static byte Point
      The point
      static byte Polyline
      The polyline
      static byte ResourcesRedaction
      The resources redaction
      static byte Text
      The text
      static byte TextField
      The text field
      static byte TextRedaction
      The text redaction
      static byte TextReplacement
      The text replacement
      static byte TextStrikeout
      The text strikeout
      static byte TextUnderline
      The text underline
      static byte Watermark
      The watermark
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      static byte[] numbers() 
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