Class ComparisonSettings

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.groupdocs.comparison.common.comparisonsettings.ComparisonSettings

  • public class ComparisonSettings
    extends Object

    Comparison settings

    • Constructor Detail

      • ComparisonSettings

        public ComparisonSettings()

        Initializes a new instance of the ComparisonSettings class.

    • Method Detail

      • getAlignerSplitter

        public Pattern getAlignerSplitter()
      • getCalculateComponentCoordinates

        public boolean getCalculateComponentCoordinates()

        Gets or sets an ability to calculate component coordiantes.

        Value: true if [calculate component coordiantes]; otherwise, false.
      • getCloneMetadata

        public int getCloneMetadata()

        Gets or sets a value indicating whether [cloneSimple metadata] (true - cloneSimple from source, false - cloneSimple from target).

        Value: true if [cloneSimple source metadata]; otherwise cloneSimple target metadata, false.
      • getComparerSplitter

        public Pattern getComparerSplitter()
      • getDeletedItemsStyle

        public StyleSettings getDeletedItemsStyle()

        Gets or sets style for the deleted items.

        Value: The deleted items style.
      • getDetailLevel

        public int getDetailLevel()

        Gets or sets the detail level.

        Value: The detail level.
      • getDiagramMasterSetting

        public final DiagramMasterSetting getDiagramMasterSetting()

        Gets or sets the path value for master or use compare without path of master (this option only for Diagram).

        Value: The master option for Diagram.
      • getGenerateSummaryPage

        public boolean getGenerateSummaryPage()

        Enables or disables generation of summary page.

        Value: true if [generate summary page]; otherwise, false.
      • getInsertedItemsStyle

        public StyleSettings getInsertedItemsStyle()

        Gets or sets style for the inserted items.

        Value: The inserted items style.
      • getLettersRanges

        public com.groupdocs.comparison.common.comparisonsettings.ComparisonRange[] getLettersRanges()
      • getMarkDeletedInsertedContentDeep

        public boolean getMarkDeletedInsertedContentDeep()

        Gets or sets a value indicating whether [show deleted content deep].

        Value: true if [show deleted content deep]; otherwise, false.
      • getMetaData

        public ComparisonMetadata getMetaData()

        Gets or sets the meta data1.

        Value: The meta data1.
      • getMultipleComparison

        public boolean getMultipleComparison()
      • getOriginalSize

        public final OriginalSize getOriginalSize()

        Get or sets the original sizes of comparing documents

      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()

        Gets or sets the password for result document.

        Value: The password for result document.
      • getPasswordSaveOption

        public int getPasswordSaveOption()

        Gets or sets the password save option (document with password can be saved only in .doc format).

        Value: The password save option.
      • getSavedPassword

        public String getSavedPassword()
      • getShowDeletedContent

        public boolean getShowDeletedContent()

        Gets or sets an ability to show deleted content.

        Value: true if [show deleted content]; otherwise, false.
      • getStreamReaderEncoding

        public Charset getStreamReaderEncoding()
      • getStyleChangeDetection

        public boolean getStyleChangeDetection()

        Gets or sets an ability to detect style changes.

        Value: true if [style change detection]; otherwise, false.
      • getStyleChangedItemsStyle

        public StyleSettings getStyleChangedItemsStyle()

        Gets or sets the style changed items style.

        Value: The style changed items style.
      • getSymmaryPageLableColor

        public getSymmaryPageLableColor()
      • getUseFramesForDelInsElements

        public boolean getUseFramesForDelInsElements()

        Gets or sets a value indicating whether [use frames for delete ins elements].

        Value: true if [use frames for delete ins elements]; otherwise, false.
      • setCalculateComponentCoordinates

        public void setCalculateComponentCoordinates(boolean value)
      • setCloneMetadata

        public void setCloneMetadata(int value)
      • setDeletedItemsStyle

        public void setDeletedItemsStyle(StyleSettings value)
      • setDetailLevel

        public void setDetailLevel(int value)
      • setDiagramMasterSetting

        public final void setDiagramMasterSetting(DiagramMasterSetting value)

        Gets or sets the path value for master or use compare without path of master (this option only for Diagram).

        Value: The master option for Diagram.
      • setGenerateSummaryPage

        public void setGenerateSummaryPage(boolean value)
      • setInsertedItemsStyle

        public void setInsertedItemsStyle(StyleSettings value)
      • setLettersRanges

        public void setLettersRanges(com.groupdocs.comparison.common.comparisonsettings.ComparisonRange[] mLettersRanges)
      • setMarkDeletedInsertedContentDeep

        public void setMarkDeletedInsertedContentDeep(boolean value)
      • setMultipleComparison

        public void setMultipleComparison(boolean value)
      • setOriginalSize

        public final void setOriginalSize(OriginalSize value)

        Get or sets the original sizes of comparing documents

      • setPassword

        public void setPassword(String value)
      • setPasswordSaveOption

        public void setPasswordSaveOption(int value)
      • setSavedPassword

        public void setSavedPassword(String value)
      • setShowDeletedContent

        public void setShowDeletedContent(boolean value)
      • setStreamReaderEncoding

        public void setStreamReaderEncoding(Charset value)
      • setStyleChangeDetection

        public void setStyleChangeDetection(boolean value)
      • setStyleChangedItemsStyle

        public void setStyleChangedItemsStyle(StyleSettings value)
      • setUseFramesForDelInsElements

        public void setUseFramesForDelInsElements(boolean value)
      • setWordsSeparatorChars

        public void setWordsSeparatorChars(char[] value)

        Gets or sets the words separator chars.

        Value: The words separator chars.
      • updateLettersRanges

        public void updateLettersRanges(String text)