Class FileFormat

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.groupdocs.merger.domain.format.FileFormat

  • public final class FileFormat

    Define file format for methods

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      static long Csv
      (Cell format) Comma-Separated Values
      static long Doc
      (Word format) Microsoft Word Document.
      static long Docm
      (Word format) Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document.
      static long Docx
      (Word format) Microsoft Word Open XML Document.
      static long Dot
      (Word format) Microsoft Word Template.
      static long Dotm
      (Word format) Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template.
      static long Dotx
      (Word format) Word Open XML Document Template.
      static long Epub
      Open eBook File
      static long Odp
      (Slide format) OpenDocument Presentation.
      static long Ods
      (Cell format) OpenDocument Spreadsheet for Open Office suite.
      static long Odt
      (Word format) OpenDocument Text Document.
      static long One
      Note document (OneNote)
      static long Otp
      (Slide format) OpenDocument Presentation Template.
      static long Ott
      (Word format) OpenDocument Text Document Template.
      static long Pdf
      Portable Document Format File
      static long Pps
      (Slide format) PowerPoint Slide Show.
      static long Ppsx
      (Slide format) PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show.
      static long Ppt
      (Slide format) Microsoft Presentation format.
      static long Pptx
      (Slide format) Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Document.
      static long Ps
      PostScript file.
      static long Rtf
      (Word format) RTF (Rich Text format)
      static long Txt
      (Word format) Text (Plain text).
      static long Undefined
      Undefined value
      static long Vdx
      Visio Drawing XML File.
      static long Vsdm
      Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing (Visio 2013)
      static long Vsdx
      Visio Drawing (Visio 2013)
      static long Vssm
      Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil File.
      static long Vssx
      Visio Stencil File.
      static long Vstm
      Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template.
      static long Vstx
      Visio Drawing Template (Visio 2013).
      static long Vsx
      Visio Stencil XML File.
      static long Vtx
      Visio Template XML File.
      static long Xls
      (Cell format) Represents an Excel97-2003 xls file.
      static long Xlsb
      (Cell format) Excel Binary Workbook
      static long Xlsm
      (Cell format) Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
      static long Xlsx
      (Cell format) Microsoft Excel Open XML Document.
      static long Xps
      XML Paper Specification File
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