Class SwapOptions

  • public class SwapOptions
    extends Options

    Describes options for swapping 2 pages in a document.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SwapOptions

        public SwapOptions(int firstPageNumber,
                   int secondPageNumber,
                   long fileFormat,
                   String password)

        Initializes a new instance of the com.groupdocs.merger.domain.options.SwapOptions class.

        firstPageNumber - The first page number.
        secondPageNumber - The second page number.
        fileFormat - The file format.
        password - The password.
    • Method Detail

      • getFirstPageNumber

        public int getFirstPageNumber()

        First page number to exchange.

      • getSecondPageNumber

        public int getSecondPageNumber()

        Second page number to exchange.

      • setFirstPageNumber

        public void setFirstPageNumber(int value)

        First page number to exchange.

      • setSecondPageNumber

        public void setSecondPageNumber(int value)

        Second page number to exchange.