Class PageInfo

  • public class PageInfo
    extends Object

    The page information.

    This class is obsolete and will be removed after February 2020

    • Constructor Detail

      • PageInfo

        public PageInfo(int width,
                int height,
                int pageNumber)

        Initializes a new instance of the PageInfo class.

        width -
        height -
        pageNumber -
    • Method Detail

      • getHeight

        public final int getHeight()

        Height of page.

      • getPageNumber

        public final int getPageNumber()

        Document page number from 0

      • getWidth

        public final int getWidth()

        Width of page.

      • setHeight

        public final void setHeight(int value)

        Height of page.

      • setPageNumber

        public final void setPageNumber(int value)

        Document page number from 0

      • setWidth

        public final void setWidth(int value)

        Width of page.