Class FileFormat

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.groupdocs.metadata.core.FileFormat

  • public final class FileFormat

    Represents the recognized format of a loaded file.

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      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int Asf
      An ASF video.
      static int Avi
      An AVI video.
      static int Bmp
      A BMP image.
      static int Diagram
      A diagram file.
      static int Dicom
      A DICOM image.
      static int DjVu
      A DjVu file.
      static int Dwg
      A DWG drawing.
      static int Dxf
      A DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) drawing.
      static int Emf
      An EMF image.
      static int Eml
      An EML email message.
      static int Epub
      An EPUB electronic book.
      static int Flv
      An FLV video.
      static int Gif
      A GIF image.
      static int Jpeg
      A JPEG image.
      static int Jpeg2000
      A Jpeg2000 image.
      static int Matroska
      A video encoded with the Matroska multimedia container.
      static int Mov
      A QuickTime video.
      static int Mp3
      An Mp3 audio file.
      static int Msg
      An MSG email message.
      static int Note
      An electronic note file.
      static int OpenType
      An OpenType font.
      static int Pdf
      A PDF file.
      static int Png
      A PNG image.
      static int Presentation
      A presentation file.
      static int ProjectManagement
      A project management format.
      static int Psd
      A PSD image.
      static int Spreadsheet
      A spreadsheet file.
      static int Tiff
      A TIFF image.
      static int Torrent
      A torrent file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed.
      static int Unknown
      The file type is not recognized.
      static int VCard
      A VCard file.
      static int Wav
      A WAV audio file.
      static int WebP
      A WEBP image.
      static int Wmf
      A WMF image.
      static int WordProcessing
      A word processing file.
      static int Zip
      A ZIP archive.
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