Class Apev2Metadata

  • public final class Apev2Metadata
    extends MetadataContainer

    Represents APE v2 metadata. See more:

    • Constructor Detail

      • Apev2Metadata

        public Apev2Metadata()

        Initializes a new instance of the Apev2Metadata class.

    • Method Detail

      • getTitle

        public final String getTitle()

        Gets the title.

        Value: The title.
      • getSubtitle

        public final String getSubtitle()

        Gets the subtitle.

        Value: The subtitle.
      • getArtist

        public final String getArtist()

        Gets the artist.

        Value: The artist.
      • getAlbum

        public final String getAlbum()

        Gets the album.

        Value: The album.
      • getDebutAlbum

        public final String getDebutAlbum()

        Gets the debut album.

        Value: The debut album.
      • getPublisher

        public final String getPublisher()

        Gets the publisher.

        Value: The publisher.
      • getConductor

        public final String getConductor()

        Gets the conductor.

        Value: The conductor.
      • getTrack

        public final Integer getTrack()

        Gets the track number.

        Value: The track number.
      • getComposer

        public final String getComposer()

        Gets the composer.

        Value: The composer.
      • getComment

        public final String getComment()

        Gets the comment.

        Value: The comment.
      • getCopyright

        public final String getCopyright()

        Gets the copyright.

        Value: The copyright.
      • getPublicationRight

        public final String getPublicationRight()

        Gets the publication right.

        Value: The publication right.
      • getFile

        public final String getFile()

        Gets the file.

        Value: The file.
      • getISBN

        public final String getISBN()

        Gets the ISBN number with check digit. See more:

        Value: The ISBN number.
      • getRecordLocation

        public final String getRecordLocation()

        Gets the record location.

        Value: The record location.
      • getGenre

        public final String getGenre()

        Gets the genre.

        Value: The genre.
      • getISRC

        public final String getISRC()

        Gets the International Standard Recording Number.

        Value: The International Standard Recording Number.
      • getAbstract

        public final String getAbstract()

        Gets the abstract link.

        Value: The abstract link.
      • getLanguage

        public final String getLanguage()

        Gets the language.

        Value: The language.
      • getBibliography

        public final String getBibliography()

        Gets the bibliography.

        Value: The bibliography.