Class Lyrics3Tag

  • public final class Lyrics3Tag
    extends MetadataContainer

    Represents Lyrics3 v2.00 metadata. See more:

    "Lyrics3 v2.00 uses fields to represent information. The data in a field can consist of ASCII characters in the range 01 to 254 according to the standard. As the ASCII character map is only defined from 00 to 128 ISO-8859-1 might be assumed. Numerical fields are 5 or 6 characters long, depending on location, and are padded with zeroes." (See

    • Constructor Detail

      • Lyrics3Tag

        public Lyrics3Tag()

        Initializes a new instance of the Lyrics3Tag class.

    • Method Detail

      • getLyrics

        public final String getLyrics()

        Gets the lyrics. Defined tag - LYR.

        Value: The lyrics.
      • getAdditionalInfo

        public final String getAdditionalInfo()

        Gets the additional information. Defined tag - INF.

        Value: The additional information.
      • getAuthor

        public final String getAuthor()

        Gets the author. Defined tag - AUT.

        Value: The author.
      • getAlbum

        public final String getAlbum()

        Gets the album. Defined tag - EAL.

        Value: The album.
      • getArtist

        public final String getArtist()

        Gets the artist. Defined tag - EAR.

        Value: The artist.
      • getTrack

        public final String getTrack()

        Gets the track. Defined tag - ETT.

        Value: The track.
      • getFields

        public final Lyrics3Field[] getFields()

        Gets array of fields. <br></br> There are no required fields in the tag, but at least one field must exist. <br></br> Fields can appear in any order in the tag, except the indication (IND) field which must be the first field if used. Fields that include more then one line uses [CR][LF] delimiters between lines.<br></br>

        Value: The tags.