Class MpegAudio

    • Constructor Detail

      • MpegAudio

        public MpegAudio()

        Initializes a new instance of the MpegAudio class.

    • Method Detail

      • getMpegAudioVersion

        public final String getMpegAudioVersion()

        Gets the MPEG audio version. Can be MPEG-1, MPEG-2 etc.

        Value: The MPEG audio version.
      • getLayerVersion

        public final int getLayerVersion()

        Gets the layer version. For MP3 audio it is '3'.

        Value: The layer version.
      • isProtected

        public final boolean isProtected()

        Gets true if protected.

        Value: true if is protected; otherwise, false.
      • getHeaderPosition

        public final long getHeaderPosition()

        Gets the header offset.

        Value: The header offset.
      • getBitrate

        public final int getBitrate()

        Gets the bitrate.

        Value: The bitrate.
      • getFrequency

        public final int getFrequency()

        Gets the frequency.

        Value: The frequency.
      • getPaddingBit

        public final int getPaddingBit()

        Gets the padding bit.

        Value: The padding bit.
      • getPrivateBit

        public final boolean getPrivateBit()

        Gets a value indicating whether [private bit].

        Value: true if [private bit]; otherwise, false.
      • getChannelMode

        public final int getChannelMode()

        Gets the channel mode.

        Value: The channel mode.
      • getCopyright

        public final boolean getCopyright()

        Gets the copyright bit.

        Value: true if copyright; otherwise, false.
      • isOriginal

        public final boolean isOriginal()

        Gets the original bit.

        Value: true if audio is original; otherwise, false.
      • getEmphasis

        public final String getEmphasis()

        Gets the emphasis.

        Value: The emphasis.
      • getModeExtensionBits

        public final int getModeExtensionBits()

        Gets or sets the mode extension bits.

        Value: The mode extension bits.
      • setModeExtensionBits

        public final void setModeExtensionBits(int value)

        Gets or sets the mode extension bits.

        Value: The mode extension bits.