Class NikonMakerNotes

  • public final class NikonMakerNotes
    extends MakerNotesBase

    Represents NIKON makernotes.

    • Constructor Detail

      • NikonMakerNotes

        public NikonMakerNotes(TiffTag[] tags)

        Initializes a new instance of the NikonMakerNotes class.

        tags - Array of TIFF tags.
    • Method Detail

      • getMakerNoteVersion

        public final byte[] getMakerNoteVersion()

        Gets the makernotes version.

        Value: The maker note version.
      • getIso

        public final byte[] getIso()

        Gets the iso.

        Value: The iso.
      • getColorMode

        public final String getColorMode()

        Gets the color mode.

        Value: The color mode.
      • getQuality

        public final String getQuality()

        Gets the quality string.

        Value: The quality.
      • getWhiteBalance

        public final String getWhiteBalance()

        Gets the white balance.

        Value: The white balance.
      • getSharpness

        public final String getSharpness()

        Gets the sharpness.

        Value: The sharpness.
      • getFocusMode

        public final String getFocusMode()

        Gets the focus mode.

        Value: The focus mode.
      • getFlashSetting

        public final String getFlashSetting()

        Gets the flash setting.

        Value: The flash setting.
      • getFlashType

        public final String getFlashType()

        Gets the type of the flash.

        Value: The type of the flash.