Class PsdLayer

    • Constructor Detail

      • PsdLayer

        public PsdLayer()

        Initializes a new instance of the PsdLayer class.

    • Method Detail

      • getBitsPerPixel

        public final int getBitsPerPixel()

        Gets the bits per pixel.

        Value: The bits per pixel.
      • getChannelsCount

        public final int getChannelsCount()

        Gets the number of channels.

        Value: The channels count.
      • getFlags

        public final byte getFlags()

        Gets the layer flags. bit 0 = transparency protected; bit 1 = visible; bit 2 = obsolete; bit 3 = 1 for Photoshop 5.0 and later, tells if bit 4 has useful information; bit 4 = pixel data irrelevant to appearance of document.

        Value: The flags.
      • getLength

        public final long getLength()

        Gets the overall layer length in bytes.

        Value: The length.
      • getOpacity

        public final byte getOpacity()

        Gets or sets the layer opacity. 0 = transparent, 255 = opaque.

        Value: The opacity.
      • setOpacity

        public final void setOpacity(byte value)

        Gets or sets the layer opacity. 0 = transparent, 255 = opaque.

        Value: The opacity.
      • getTop

        public final int getTop()

        Gets the top.

        Value: The top.
      • getLeft

        public final int getLeft()

        Gets the left.

        Value: The left.
      • getBottom

        public final int getBottom()

        Gets the bottom.

        Value: The bottom.
      • getRight

        public final int getRight()

        Gets the right.

        Value: The right.
      • getHeight

        public final int getHeight()

        Gets the height.

        Value: The height.
      • getWidth

        public final int getWidth()

        Gets the width.

        Value: The width.
      • setName

        public final void setName(String value)

        Gets or sets property name.

        Value: Property name.
        Specified by:
        setName in interface IMetadataProperty
      • getFormattedValue

        public final String getFormattedValue()

        Gets the formatted value.

        Specified by:
        getFormattedValue in interface IMetadataProperty
        String value contained metadata property value in readable format.
      • toString

        public String toString()

        Returns a System.String that represents this instance.

        toString in class Object
        A System.String that represents this instance.