Class SonyMakerNotes

  • public final class SonyMakerNotes
    extends MakerNotesBase

    Represents SONY makernotes.

    • Method Detail

      • getHeader

        public final String getHeader()

        Gets the header.

        Value: The header.
      • getCameraInfo

        public final Integer getCameraInfo()

        Gets the camera information.

        Value: The camera information.
      • getFocusInfo

        public final Integer getFocusInfo()

        Gets the focus information.

        Value: The focus information.
      • getQuality

        public final Integer getQuality()

        Gets the quality.

        Value: The quality.
      • getWhiteBalance

        public final Integer getWhiteBalance()

        Gets the white balance.

        Value: The white balance.
      • getTeleconverter

        public final Integer getTeleconverter()

        Gets the teleconverter.

        Value: The teleconverter.
      • getMultiBurstMode

        public final boolean getMultiBurstMode()

        Gets a value indicating whether [multi burst mode].

        Value: true if [multi burst mode]; otherwise, false.
      • getMultiBurstImageWidth

        public final Integer getMultiBurstImageWidth()

        Gets the width of the multi burst image.

        Value: The width of the multi burst image.
      • getMultiBurstImageHeight

        public final Integer getMultiBurstImageHeight()

        Gets the height of the multi burst image.

        Value: The height of the multi burst image.
      • getRating

        public final Integer getRating()

        Gets the rating.

        Value: The rating.
      • getContrast

        public final Integer getContrast()

        Gets the contrast.

        Value: The contrast.
      • getSaturation

        public final Integer getSaturation()

        Gets the saturation.

        Value: The saturation.
      • getSharpness

        public final Integer getSharpness()

        Gets the sharpness.

        Value: The sharpness.
      • getBrightness

        public final Integer getBrightness()

        Gets the brightness.

        Value: The brightness.
      • getPictureEffect

        public final Integer getPictureEffect()

        Gets the picture effect.

        Value: The picture effect.
      • getSoftSkinEffect

        public final Integer getSoftSkinEffect()

        Gets the soft skin effect.

        Value: The soft skin effect.
      • getFileFormat

        public final Integer getFileFormat()

        Gets the file format.

        Value: The file format.
      • getSonyModelID

        public final Integer getSonyModelID()

        Gets the sony model identifier.

        Value: The sony model identifier.
      • getCreativeStyle

        public final String getCreativeStyle()

        Gets the creative style.

        Value: The creative style.
      • getColorTemperature

        public final Integer getColorTemperature()

        Gets the color temperature.

        Value: The color temperature.
      • getLensType

        public final Integer getLensType()

        Gets the type of the lens.

        Value: The type of the lens.
      • getColorMode

        public final Integer getColorMode()

        Gets the color mode.

        Value: The color mode.
      • getMacro

        public final Integer getMacro()

        Gets the macro.

        Value: The macro.
      • getExposureMode

        public final Integer getExposureMode()

        Gets the exposure mode.

        Value: The exposure mode.
      • getFocusMode2

        public final Integer getFocusMode2()

        Gets the focus mode2.

        Value: The focus mode2.
      • getJPEGQuality

        public final Integer getJPEGQuality()

        Gets the JPEG quality.

        Value: The JPEG quality.
      • getAFIlluminator

        public final Integer getAFIlluminator()

        Gets the af illuminator.

        Value: The af illuminator.
      • getFlashLevel

        public final Integer getFlashLevel()

        Gets the flash level.

        Value: The flash level.
      • getReleaseMode

        public final Integer getReleaseMode()

        Gets the release mode.

        Value: The release mode.