Class TiffFormat

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, IExif, IXmp

    public final class TiffFormat
    extends ImageFormat
    implements IExif, IXmp

    Represents TIFF format.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TiffFormat

        public TiffFormat(String fileName)

        Initializes a new instance of the TiffFormat class.

        fileName - Absolute path to the file.
      • TiffFormat

        public TiffFormat(InputStream input)

        Initializes a new instance of the TiffFormat class.

        input - File stream.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public int getType()

        Gets document type.

        Value: Document type.
        Specified by:
        getType in class FormatBase
      • hasXmp

        public final boolean hasXmp()

        Gets a value indicating whether this instance has XMP.

        Value: true if this instance has XMP; otherwise, false.
        Specified by:
        hasXmp in interface IXmp
      • getImageFileDirectories

        public final TiffIfd[] getImageFileDirectories()

        Gets array of image file directories presented in TIFF.

        Value: The image file directories.
      • getTags

        public final TiffTag[] getTags(TiffIfd ifd)

        Gets TIFF tags for specific IFD.

        ifd - Image file directory.
        Array of TiffTag.
      • getExifValues

        public final ExifInfo getExifValues()

        Gets ExifInfo. Provides access for all EXIF properties.

        Value: The EXIF value. Null if EXIF data is not presented.
        Specified by:
        getExifValues in interface IExif
      • getExifInfo

        public final ExifInfo getExifInfo()

        Returns EXIF data.

        Specified by:
        getExifInfo in interface IExif
        ExifInfo if image contains EXIF data; otherwise null.
      • updateExifInfo

        public final boolean updateExifInfo(ExifInfo exifInfo)

        Updates EXIF data in TIFF format.

        Specified by:
        updateExifInfo in interface IExif
        exifInfo - EXIF data.

        This feature is not available in trial mode.

        True if EXIF data has been updated; otherwise false.
      • removeExifInfo

        public final boolean removeExifInfo()

        Removes EXIF metadata.

        Specified by:
        removeExifInfo in interface IExif
        true if EXIF data found and removed; otherwise false.

        This feature is not available in trial mode.

      • removeGpsLocation

        public final boolean removeGpsLocation()

        Removes GPS coordinates of the photo.

        Specified by:
        removeGpsLocation in interface IExif
        True if location removed; otherwise false.

        This feature is not available in trial mode.

      • getGpsLocation

        public final GpsLocation getGpsLocation()

        Gets GPS coordinates where a photo was taken.

        Specified by:
        getGpsLocation in interface IExif
        GpsLocation if image contains GPS coordinates.

        This feature is not available in trial mode.

      • getXmpValues

        public final XmpEditableCollection getXmpValues()

        Gets XmpEditableCollection. Provides access for all XMP properties in edit mode.

        Value: XMP values.
        Specified by:
        getXmpValues in interface IXmp
      • getXmpData

        public final XmpPacketWrapper getXmpData()

        Returns the XMP packet.

        Specified by:
        getXmpData in interface IXmp
        XmpPacketWrapper if XMP data is presented; otherwise null.
      • getXmpProperties

        public final XmpProperties getXmpProperties()

        Returns all XMP properties presented in specific format.

        Specified by:
        getXmpProperties in interface IXmp
        XmpProperties if XMP data is presented; otherwise null.
      • setXmpData

        public final boolean setXmpData(XmpPacketWrapper package_)

        Updates XMP packet.

        Specified by:
        setXmpData in interface IXmp
        package - XMP packet wrapper.
        true if the XMP is successfully updated; otherwise false.
        ArgumentNullException - Package could not be null.
      • removeXmpData

        public final void removeXmpData()

        Removes all XMP data.

        This feature is not available in trial mode.

        Specified by:
        removeXmpData in interface IXmp
      • hasIptc

        public final boolean hasIptc()

        Gets true if image contains IPTC IIM metadata.

        Value: true if image has IPTC IIM metadata; otherwise, false.
      • getIptc

        public final IptcCollection getIptc()

        Gets the IPTC collection.