Class ImageAreaRedaction

  • public class ImageAreaRedaction
    extends Redaction

    Redacts given area of an image document

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageAreaRedaction

        public ImageAreaRedaction(Point topLeft,
                          RegionReplacementOptions options)

        Creates new instange for redacting specific area size

        topLeft - Top-left area coordinates
        options - Area size and color
    • Method Detail

      • getTopLeft

        public final Point getTopLeft()

        Top-Left position of the area to remove

      • applyTo

        public RedactionLogEntry applyTo(DocumentFormatInstance formatInstance)

        Applies redaction to given format instance

        Specified by:
        applyTo in class Redaction
        formatInstance - An instance of a document to apply redaction
        Status of redaction: success/failure and error message if any