Class DictionaryCollection

  • public class DictionaryCollection
    extends Object

    Represents collection of all dictionaries in the Index.

    • Method Detail

      • getAliasDictionary

        public final AliasDictionary getAliasDictionary()

        Gets a dictionary of aliases.

        Value: The dictionary of aliases.
      • getStopWordDictionary

        public final StopWordDictionary getStopWordDictionary()

        Gets a dictionary of stop words.

        Value: The dictionary of stop words.
      • getSynonymDictionary

        public final SynonymDictionary getSynonymDictionary()

        Gets a dictionary of synonyms.

        Value: The dictionary of synonyms.
      • getDocumentPasswords

        public final PasswordDictionary getDocumentPasswords()

        Gets a dictionary of document passwords.

        Value: The dictionary of document passwords.
      • getSpellingCorrector

        public final SpellingCorrector getSpellingCorrector()

        Gets a spelling corrector.

        Value: The spelling corrector.
      • getHomophoneDictionary

        public final HomophoneDictionary getHomophoneDictionary()

        Gets a dictionary of homophones.

        Value: The dictionary of homophones.
      • getAlphabet

        public final Alphabet getAlphabet()

        Gets a dictionary of characters.

        Value: The dictionary of characters.
      • getCharacterReplacements

        public final CharacterReplacementDictionary getCharacterReplacements()

        Gets a dictionary of character replacements.

        Value: The dictionary of character replacements.
      • getWordFormsProvider

        public final IWordFormsProvider getWordFormsProvider()

        Gets or sets a word forms provider.

        Value: The word forms provider.
      • setWordFormsProvider

        public final void setWordFormsProvider(IWordFormsProvider value)

        Gets or sets a word forms provider.

        Value: The word forms provider.