Class DocumentResultInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getFileName

        public final String getFileName()

        Gets the file name.

        Value: The file name.
      • getDocumentType

        public final int getDocumentType()

        Gets the document type.

        Value: The document type.
      • getRelevance

        public final double getRelevance()

        Gets the relevance of search result.

        Value: The relevance of search result.
      • getHitCount

        public final int getHitCount()

        Gets the hit count.

        Value: The count of hits.
      • getDetailedResults

        public final DetailedResultInfo[] getDetailedResults()

        Gets the detailed results.

        Value: The detailed results.
      • getTerms

        public final String[] getTerms()

        Gets found terms. The value is constructed for each access to the property.

        Value: The found terms.
      • getTermSequences

        public final String[][] getTermSequences()

        Gets the found term sequences.

        Value: The array of term sequences.
      • toString

        public String toString()

        Returns string representation of the current object.

        toString in class Object
        A string that represents the current object.