Class ImagesSaveFileFormat

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.groupdocs.signature.domain.enums.ImagesSaveFileFormat

  • public final class ImagesSaveFileFormat

    Define different save file formats.

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      static int Bmp
      Saves the document in the Bmp format.
      static int Default
      File Format will not be changed.
      static int Gif
      Saves the document in the Gif format.
      static int Jpg
      Saves the document in the Jpg format.
      static int Pdf
      Saves the document to the Pdf format.
      static int Png
      Saves the document in the Png format.
      static int Psd
      Saves the document in the Psd format.
      static int Svg
      Saves the document in the Svg format.
      static int Tiff
      Saves the document in the Tiff format.
      static int Webp
      Saves the document in the Webp format.
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      static String[] extensions() 
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