Class DigitalSignatureType

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.groupdocs.signature.legacy.domain.enums.DigitalSignatureType

  • public final class DigitalSignatureType
    extends Object

    Digital Signature Type define the method to sign.

    This class is obsolete and will be removed after February 2020

    • Field Detail

      • CryptoApi

        public static final int CryptoApi

        The Crypto API signature method used in Microsoft Word 97-2003 .DOC binary documents.

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      • Unknown

        public static final int Unknown

        Indicates an error, unknown digital signature type.

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        Constant Field Values
      • XmlDsig

        public static final int XmlDsig

        The XmlDsig signature method used in OOXML and OpenDocument documents.

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        Constant Field Values