Class SquareBorderLine

  • public class SquareBorderLine
    extends BorderLine

    Instance to keep Border line properties for square stamp line.

    This class is obsolete and will be removed after February 2020

    • Constructor Detail

      • SquareBorderLine

        public SquareBorderLine(Corners corners)

        Create SquareBorderLine with corner radius values.

        corners - Radius of square corners.
      • SquareBorderLine

        public SquareBorderLine(double radius)

        Create SquareBorderLine with rounded corner radius.

        radius - Radius of square corners.
    • Method Detail

      • getRadius

        public final Corners getRadius()

        Gets or sets the radius of square corners.

      • setRadius

        public final void setRadius(Corners value)

        Gets or sets the radius of square corners.