Class PdfMetadataSignatures

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.groupdocs.signature.legacy.domain.signatures.metadata.PdfMetadataSignatures

  • public class PdfMetadataSignatures
    extends Object

    Contains standard Metadata Signatures to be used for Pdf Document Metadata Signature Options.

    This class is obsolete and will be removed after February 2020

    • Constructor Detail

      • PdfMetadataSignatures

        public PdfMetadataSignatures()
    • Method Detail

      • getCreateDate

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getCreateDate()

        Pdf Document creation date metadata signature.

      • getCreator

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getCreator()

        Pdf Document creator metadata property.

      • getCreatorTool

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getCreatorTool()

        Pdf Document creation tool metadata signature.

      • getDescription

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getDescription()

        Pdf Document Description metadata property.

      • getKeywords

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getKeywords()

        Pdf Document creator metadata property

      • getMetadataDate

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getMetadataDate()

        Pdf Document metadata date information.

      • getModifyDate

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getModifyDate()

        Pdf Document modified date metadata property.

      • getProducer

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getProducer()

        Pdf Document Producer metadata property.

      • getSubject

        public static PdfMetadataSignature getSubject()

        Pdf Document Subject metadata property.