Class Metered

  • public class Metered
    extends Object

    Provides methods to set metered key.

      In this example, an attempt will be made to set metered public and private key
     	Metered matered = new Metered();
     	matered.SetMeteredKey("PublicKey", "PrivateKey");
     	[Visual Basic]
     	Dim matered As Metered = New Metered
     	matered.SetMeteredKey("PublicKey", "PrivateKey")
      the component jar file:
     	Metered matered = new Metered();
     	matered.setMeteredKey("PublicKey", "PrivateKey");

    • Constructor Detail

      • Metered

        public Metered()

        Initializes a new instance of this class.

    • Method Detail

      • getConsumptionQuantity

        public static BigDecimal getConsumptionQuantity()

        Gets consumption quantity

        consumption quantity
      • setMeteredKey

        public void setMeteredKey(String publicKey,
                         String privateKey)

        Sets metered public and private key

        publicKey - public key
        privateKey - private key