Class SignatureOptionsCollection

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SignatureOptionsCollection
    extends Object

    Collection of Signature Options - keeps list of options to sign the document

    • Constructor Detail

      • SignatureOptionsCollection

        public SignatureOptionsCollection()

        Create SignatureOptionsCollection instance with empty list

      • SignatureOptionsCollection

        public SignatureOptionsCollection(SignOptions options)

        Create SignatureOptionsCollection instance with one Signature Options value

        options - Signature Options to be added in list
      • SignatureOptionsCollection

        public SignatureOptionsCollection(List<SignOptions> items)

        Create SignatureOptionsCollection instance with list of Signature Options objects

        items - List of Signature Options items
    • Method Detail

      • getItems

        public List<SignOptions> getItems()

        List of Signature Options records

      • getItemsInternal

        public<SignOptions> getItemsInternal()
      • getTextItems

        public<SignOptions> getTextItems()
      • getImageItems

        public<SignOptions> getImageItems()
      • getBarcodeItems

        public<SignOptions> getBarcodeItems()
      • getQRCodeItems

        public<SignOptions> getQRCodeItems()
      • getStampItems

        public<SignOptions> getStampItems()
      • getDigitalItems

        public<SignOptions> getDigitalItems()
      • getItems

        public<SignOptions> getItems(int signatureType)

        Returns List of Signature Options per given Signature Type

        signatureType - Signature Type
        List of Signature Options
      • hasOptions

        public boolean hasOptions(int signatureType)
      • getMaxDocumentPageNumber

        public int getMaxDocumentPageNumber()
      • getFirstOrDefaultDigital

        public SignOptions getFirstOrDefaultDigital()
      • getFirstOrDefault

        public SignOptions getFirstOrDefault()
      • add

        public void add(SignOptions options)

        Adds an SignOptions object to collection.

        options - The Signature Options to be added to collection
      • remove

        public boolean remove(SignOptions options)

        Removes an SignOptions object from collection.

        options - The Signature Options to be removed from collection
      • getSignatureType

        public static int getSignatureType(SignOptions signOptions)
      • reviewItems

        public void reviewItems()

        Review Items to separate by Signature Type

      • release

        public void release()
      • validate

        public void validate()

        Internal method to validate collection options objects

      • hasNonDigitalOptions

        public boolean hasNonDigitalOptions()
      • hasDigitalOptionsWithImage

        public boolean hasDigitalOptionsWithImage()
      • deepClone

        public Object deepClone()

        Clone Signature Options Collection class with Signature Options Items

        Specified by:
        deepClone in interface