Class DocumentInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • DocumentInfo

        public DocumentInfo(FileType fileType,
                    IPageInfo[] pages,
                    long size)

        Initializes new instance of DocumentInfo class.

        fileType - The type of the file.
        pages - The list of pages to view.
        size - The size of the file.
        Throws: - Thrown when fileType is null. - Thrown when pages is null.
    • Method Detail

      • getPageCount

        public final int getPageCount()

        The document pages count.

        Specified by:
        getPageCount in interface IDocumentInfo
      • getSize

        public final long getSize()

        Document size in bytes

        Specified by:
        getSize in interface IDocumentInfo
      • setPages

        public final void setPages(IPageInfo[] value)

        Defines document pages collection.

      • setType

        public final void setType(FileType value)

        Gets the file type.

      • toString

        public String toString()

        Returns a string that represents the current object.

        toString in class Object
        A string that represents the current object.