MetadataType Enumeration
Specifies the type of a metadata package.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Metadata.Common
Assembly: GroupDocs.Metadata (in GroupDocs.Metadata.dll) Version: 21.8
public enum MetadataType
  Member nameValueDescription
Undefined0 The type of a metadata package is undefined.
Root1 A root metadata package containing other format-specific packages.
Xmp2 An XMP metadata package.
Exif3 An EXIF metadata package,
Iptc4 An IPTC metadata package,
DublinCore5 A Dublin Core metadata package.
ImageResourceBlock6 A Photoshop's native metadata package.
FileFormat7 A package containing information about the format of a loaded file.
DigitalSignature8 A package containing digital signature metadata.
Presentation9 A presentation metadata package.
Spreadsheet10 A spreadsheet metadata package.
WordProcessing11 A word processing metadata package.
Diagram12 A diagram metadata package.
Note13 A metadata package containing information about an electronic note file.
ProjectManagement14 A metadata package containing information about a project management file.
Pdf15 A PDF metadata package.
DocumentStatistics16 A package containing document statistics.
Psd17 A metadata package containing information about a Photoshop document.
Jpeg200018 A JPEG2000 native metadata package.
Dicom19 A DICOM native metadata package.
Bmp20 A BMP native metadata package.
Wav21 A WAV native metadata package.
ID3V122 An ID3V1 tag.
ID3V223 An ID3V2 tag.
MpegAudio24 An MPEG audio native metadata package.
Lyrics325 A Lyrics3 metadata package.
ApeV226 An APEv2 metadata package.
Avi27 An AVI video native metadata package.
Flv28 An FLV video native metadata package.
Asf29 An ASF video native metadata package.
Mov30 A QuickTime video.
Matroska31 A native metadata package extracted from a video encoded with the Matroska multimedia container.
Zip32 A native metadata package of a ZIP archive.
VCard33 A native metadata package of a VCard.
Epub34 A native metadata package of a EPUB e-book.
OpenType35 An OpenType font metadata package.
Cad36 A metadata package extracted from a CAD drawing.
Eml37 An EML message metadata package.
Msg38 An MSG message metadata package.
Torrent39 A torrent file metadata package. Please find more information at
Png40 A PNG image metadata package.
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