GroupDocs.Metadata.Standards.Xmp Namespace
The namespace provides functionality for XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) metadata reading and writing.
Public classXmpArray
Represents base abstraction for XMP array.
Public classXmpBoolean
Represents XMP Boolean basic type.
Public classXmpClosedChoiceT
Represents XMP Closed Choice.
Public classXmpColorantBase
A structure containing the characteristics of a colorant (swatch) used in a document.
Public classXmpColorantCmyk
Represents the CMYK Colorant.
Public classXmpColorantLab
Represents the LAB Colorant.
Public classXmpColorantRgb
Represents the RGB Colorant.
Public classXmpComplexType
Represents base abstraction for XMP Complex value type.
Public classXmpComplexTypeValue
Represents an XMP value containing a complex type instance.
Public classXmpDate
Represents Date in XMP packet.
Public classXmpDimensions
Containing dimensions for a drawn object.
Public classXmpElementBase
Represents base XMP element that contains attributes.
Public classXmpFont
A structure containing the characteristics of a font used in a document.
Public classXmpGuid
Represents XMP global unique identifier.
Public classCode exampleXmpHeaderPI
Represents XMP header processing instruction.
Public classXmpInteger
Represents XMP Integer basic type.
Public classXmpJob
Represents Job.
Public classXmpLangAlt

Represents XMP Language Alternative.

An alternative array of simple text items. Language alternatives facilitate the selection of a simple text item based on a desired language. Each array item shall have an xml:lang qualifier. Each xml:lang value shall be unique among the items.
Public classXmpMeta
Represents xmpmeta. Optional. The purpose of this element is to identify XMP metadata within general XML text that might contain other non-XMP uses of RDF.
Public classXmpMetadataContainer
Represents a container for XMP metadata properties.
Public classXmpNamespaces
Contains namespaces used in XmpPackage and XmpComplexType.
Public classCode exampleXmpPackage
Represents base abstraction for XMP package.
Public classCode exampleXmpPacketWrapper
Contains serialized XMP package including header and trailer. A wrapper consisting of a pair of XML processing instructions (PIs) may be placed around the rdf:RDF element.
Public classXmpRational
Represents XMP XmpRational.
Public classXmpReal
Represents XMP Real.
Public classXmpRenditionClass
Represents XMP RenditionClass.
Public classXmpResourceEvent
Represents a high-level event that occurred in the processing of a resource.
Public classXmpResourceRef

Represents a multiple part reference to a resource.
Used to indicate prior versions, originals of renditions, originals for derived documents, and so on.

Public classCode exampleXmpSchemes
Provides access to known XMP schemes.
Public classXmpText
Represents XMP Text basic type.
Public classXmpThumbnail
Represents a thumbnail image for a file.
Public classXmpTime
Representation of a time value in seconds.
Public classXmpTimecode
Represents a timecode value in a video.
Public classCode exampleXmpTrailerPI
Represents XMP trailer processing instruction.
Public classXmpValueBase
Represents base XMP value.
Public classXmpVersion
Represents a version of a document.
Public interfaceCode exampleIXmp
Defines base operations intended to work with XMP metadata.
Public interfaceIXmpType
Base interface for XMP type.
Public enumerationXmpArrayType
Represents array type in XmpArray.
Public enumerationXmpColorantColorMode
Represents color mode in XmpColorantBase.
Public enumerationXmpColorType
Type of color in XmpColorantBase.