DocumentAssemblyOptions Enumeration
Specifies options controlling behavior of DocumentAssembler while assembling a document.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Assembly
Assembly: GroupDocs.Assembly (in GroupDocs.Assembly.dll) Version: 18.12
public enum DocumentAssemblyOptions
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Specifies default options.
AllowMissingMembers1 Specifies that missing object members should be treated as null literals by the assembler. This option affects only access to instance (that is, non-static) object members and extension methods. If this option is not set, the assembler throws an exception when encounters a missing object member.
UpdateFieldsAndFormulas2 Specifies that fields of result Word Processing documents and formulas of result Spreadsheet documents should be updated by the assembler.
RemoveEmptyParagraphs4 Specifies that the assembler should remove paragraphs becoming empty after template syntax tags are removed or replaced with empty values.
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