GroupDocs.Comparison.Legacy.Options Namespace
The GroupDocs.Comparison.Legacy.Options namespace provides classes that allows to specify settings for comparison of documents.
Public classComparisonMetadata Obsolete.
Class that let us create Metadata objects that are used to create result document with custom metadata
Public classComparisonSettings Obsolete.
Comparison settings
Public classDiagramMasterSetting Obsolete.
Class DiagramMasterSetting
Public classImageOptions Obsolete.
Allows to specify additional options when rendering document pages to images
Public classOriginalSize Obsolete.
only for comparing image with different formats
Public classPageImage Obsolete.
Represents a Page as an image
Public classStyleSettings Obsolete.
Class StyleSettings
Public interfaceICompareResult Obsolete.
Base Comparison result object
Public enumerationDetailLevel Obsolete.
Level of comparison details.
Public enumerationPasswordSaveOption Obsolete.
Password save option
Public enumerationTypeChanged Obsolete.
Enum TypeChanged
Public enumerationTypeMetadata Obsolete.
Enum TypeMetadata