GroupDocs.Conversion.Converter.Option Namespace
The GroupDocs.Conversion.Converter.Option namespace provides classes for customizing specific conversion
Public classCadOptions
Options for converting to CAD
Public classCellsOptions
Options for converting Cells documents
Public classCellsSaveOptions
Options for to Cells conversion
Public classHtmlSaveOptions
Options for to Html conversion
Public classImageSaveOptions
Options for to Image conversion
Public classLoadOptions
Load document options
Public classPdfOptions
Options for converting to Pdf
Public classPdfSaveOptions
Options for to PDF conversion
Public classPsdOptions
Options for converting to Psd
Public classRtfOptions
Options for converting to RTF
Public classSaveOptions
General conversion options class
Public classSlidesLoadOptions
Slide document load options
Public classSlidesSaveOptions
Options for to Slides conversion
Public classTiffOptions
Options for converting to TIFF
Public classWatermarkOptions
Options for settings watermark to the converted document
Public classWebpOptions
Options for converting to TIFF
Public classWordsSaveOptions
Options for to Word conversion
Public classXmlLoadOptions
XML document load options