GroupDocs.Conversion.Handler Namespace
The GroupDocs.Conversion.Handler namespace provides classes for performing actual conversion as well as exposes main interfaces for customizing loading, saving, caching behaviour of GroupDocs.Conversion
Public classCellsConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for Cells ConversionComplete event
Public classConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for ConversionComplete event
Public classConversionEventArgs
Base class for all events args
Public classConversionHandler
Create instance of ConversionHandler class to convert between different file formats
Public classConversionProgressEventArgs
Provides data for ConversionProgress event
Public classConversionStartEventArgs
Provides data for ConversionStart event
Public classConvertedDocument
Class for handling converted document
Public classDocumentInfo
Contains metadata for a document
Public classHtmlConversionCompleteEventArgs Obsolete.
Provides data for Html ConversionComplete event
Public classImageConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for Image ConversionComplete event
Public classMarkupConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for Markup ConversionComplete event
Public classPdfConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for PDF ConversionComplete event
Public classPresentationConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for Presentation ConversionComplete event
Public classSaveInfo
Converted document info class
Public classSlidesConversionCompleteEventArgs Obsolete.
Provides data for Slides ConversionComplete event
Public classWordProcessingConversionCompleteEventArgs
Provides data for WordProcessing ConversionComplete event
Public interfaceIConversionProgressListener
Implement this interface to receive updates for changes in conversion progress
Public interfaceIConversionStatusListener
Implement this interface to receive updates for changes in conversion status
Public delegateConversionCompleteHandler
Represents a method which will handle ConversionComplete event
Public delegateConversionProgressHandler
Represents a method which will handle ConversionProgress event
Public delegateConversionStartHandler
Represents a method which will handle ConversionStart event
Public enumerationConversionStatus
Possible states of conversion process
Public enumerationDocumentInfoPageOrientationType
Page orientation enum