CsvLoadOptions Class
Csv document load options
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Namespace: GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Load
Assembly: GroupDocs.Conversion (in GroupDocs.Conversion.dll) Version: (19.6)
public sealed class CsvLoadOptions : LoadOptions

The CsvLoadOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodCsvLoadOptions
Default constructor
Public propertyConvertDateTimeData
Indicates whether the string in the file is converted to date. Default is True
Public propertyConvertNumericData
Indicates whether the string in the file is converted to numeric. Default is True
Public propertyEncoding
Encoding. Default is Encoding.Default
Public propertyHasFormula
Indicates whether text is formula if it starts with "="
Public propertyIsMultiEncoded
True means the file contains several encodings
Public propertySeparator
Delimiter of a Csv file
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