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PdfOptionsPdfFormatType Enumeration
Defines an pdf format types.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Save
Assembly: GroupDocs.Conversion (in GroupDocs.Conversion.dll) Version: (19.6)
public enum PdfFormatType
  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Format will not be changed
PdfA_1A1 Pdf/A-1a formats
PdfA_1B2 Pdf/A-1b format
PdfA_2A3 Pdf/A-2a format
PdfA_3A4 Pdf/A-3a format
PdfA_2B5 Pdf/A-2b format
PdfA_2U6 Pdf/A-2u format
PdfA_3B7 Pdf/A-3b format
PdfA_3U8 Pdf/A-3u format
v1_39 Adobe version 1.7
v1_410 Adobe version 1.4
v1_511 Adobe version 1.5
v1_612 Adobe version 1.6
v1_713 Adobe version 1.7
PdfX_1A14 PDF/X-1a format
PdfX315 PDF/X-3 format
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