PdfSaveOptions Class
Options for to PDF conversion
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Namespace: GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Save
Assembly: GroupDocs.Conversion (in GroupDocs.Conversion.dll) Version: (19.6)
public sealed class PdfSaveOptions : SaveOptions

The PdfSaveOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodPdfSaveOptions
Create PdfSaveOptions instance
Public propertyConvertFileType
The desired file type to which the input document should be converted to
Public propertyConvertFileTypeExtension
Returns the converted file extension
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyConvertPages
Convert specific pages. The list contains the page indexes of the pages to be converted
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyDpi
Desired page DPI after conversion. The default resolution is: 96dpi
Public propertyHeight
Desired page height in pixels after conversion
Public propertyMarginBottom
Desired page bottom margin in pixels after conversion
Public propertyMarginLeft
Desired page left margin in pixels after conversion
Public propertyMarginRight
Desired page right margin in pixels after conversion
Public propertyMarginTop
Desired page top margin in pixels after conversion
Public propertyNumPagesToConvert
Number of pages to convert
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyPageNumber
Start conversion from PageNumber page
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyPassword
Set this property if you want to protect the converted document with a password
Public propertyPdfOptions
Pdf specific convert options
Public propertyRotate
Rotate page
Public propertyWatermarkOptions
Watermark specific options
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyWidth
Desired page width in pixels after conversion
Public propertyWordProcessingBookmarkOptions
If the input document is WordProcessing the conversion will handle the wordprocessing bookmarks regarding this option.
Public methodClone
Clone current instance
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
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