WatermarkOptions Class
Options for settings watermark to the converted document
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Conversion.Options.Save
Assembly: GroupDocs.Conversion (in GroupDocs.Conversion.dll) Version: (19.6)
public sealed class WatermarkOptions : ICloneable

The WatermarkOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackground
Indicates that the watermark is stamped as background. If the value is true, the watermark is layed at the bottom. By default is false and the watermark is layed on top.
Public propertyColor
Watermark font color if text watermark is applied
Public propertyFont
Watermark font name if text watermark is applied
Public propertyHeight
Watermark height
Public propertyImage
Image watermark
Public propertyLeft
Watermark left position
Public propertyRotationAngle
Watermark rotation angle
Public propertyText
Watermark text
Public propertyTop
Watermark top position
Public propertyTransparency
Watermark transparency. Value between 0 and 1. Value 0 is fully visible, value 1 is invisible.
Public propertyWidth
Watermark width
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