SpreadsheetFormats Enumeration
Indicates the format of the Spreadsheet (Excel-compatible) document, in which the workbook, opened from HTML, is saved.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version: 19.5
public enum SpreadsheetFormats
  Member nameValueDescription
Xlsx0 XLSX
Xls1 Excel97-2003 XLS
Xlsm2 XLSM format which enable macros
Xltx3 XLTX
Xltm4 XLTM format which enable macros
Csv6 CSV (Comma Separated Value) format
TabDelimited7 Tab delimited text file
Ods8 ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet)
SpreadsheetML9 Excel 2003 XML format
Xlsb10 XLSB (binary)
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