WordProcessingToHtmlOptions Properties

The WordProcessingToHtmlOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEnablePagination
Allows to enable or disable pagination in the resultant HTML document. By default is disabled (false).
Public propertyExportLanguageInformation
Specifies whether language information is exported to the HTML markup in a form of 'lang' HTML attributes. This option may be useful for roundtrip conversion of the multi-language documents. By default it is disabled (false).
Public propertyExtractFontOption
Responsible for extracting font resources, which are used in the input WordProcessing document. By default doesn't extract any fonts (NotExtract).
Public propertyPassword
Allows to specify, modify and obtain the password, which will be used for opening WordProcessing document, if it is encoded. Set to NULL or empty string in order to remove the password.
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